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If you want to get off the cancer stick and move into a healthier version of smoking, you should start vaping. Yeah, yeah, we know…you don’t know about vaping and you don’t know how to start. But no worries, we are here to help you out.

This is what you have to do:

Start slow: There are thousands of companies out there vying to get your business. That means you will be swamped with brands, colors, styles, and flavors of vape machines. Before doing all that, we recommend starting with a small cheap simple to use a machine called Cig-a-likes. These vape machines look just like a cigarette and they are more likely to help newcomers adjust faster to vaping. The machine is lightweight and you can invest in a refillable version or a disposable version. They are portable, discreet and very, very easy to use. The reason we recommend this for newbies is that of the psychological aspect of smoking. Smokers are used to the classic mouth feel and taste of a cig stick. Switching suddenly to a high-tech machine that looks and feels completely different has resulted in many smokers falling back into smoking. To prevent this, start slow with the cig-a-like and stick to it for as long as possible.

Liquids: Liquids are critically important to getting the taste and feel of cigarette smoking right. The four main components of liquids are: PG or propylene glycol, VG or vegetable glycerin, flavoring and nicotine (strength ranging from 0 to upward.) Everything is FDA approved and quite safe to use. Liquids may contain a mix or PG, VG or a single agent with the other ingredients. However, PG-Containing liquids provide a stronger throat hit while VG liquids provide more vapor. We recommend using the liquid recommended by the company for the kit you’ve chosen. For newbies, we also do not recommend any strength of nicotine. Start with 0 or 1 mg (typical for a cigarette.) You can adjust the dose downward or upward but we do not recommend newbies going upward with more nicotine strength.

Choosing kits: Moving onto a high-end kit is recommended after a few months or weeks of using the cig-a-likes. We recommend this so that you can get the entire vaping experience. There are several kits online to choose from; start by reading a few reviews and pick a model that seems easy to use and comes with free liquid starter kits. Make sure you start with a low-end kit that should cost about $50-$100. Adjust yourself to a vaping kit and you can then move on to a luxe model.

Battery: Yes, these are electronic cigarettes and they run on batteries. So you need a model that runs efficiently on a charge. Top companies like Halo offer batteries that last for almost 200-250 puffs. There are longer battery options as well. Some top models have LED lights that turn red when batteries are low.

Maintenance: Duh, it’s a machine. You have to clean the coils and maintain your machine regularly if you want it last. The process is simple though. Just disassemble, wash under running water and wipe dry. Of course, don’t wash the coil! Do this every few days and you should be ok. After you refill the tank, give the coil a minute or two to soak in the liquid. If you don’t do this, the wick burns by itself resulting in a burnt taste while smoking. After you have done this, make sure you take the first two puffs without pressing the fire button. This will pull in the liquid into the coils ensuring a good hit on the first puff. We also recommend changing the liquid and tank if you have not used the machine for 20 days or more. This is because liquid tends to concentrate if left in the tank by itself. Replace the liquid and you should be ok. If you aren’t sure of maintenance, write into the company or customer support and someone will walk you through the process.

Smoking is not sexy anymore but vaping is; try it. Once you feel you are ready to move on; start browsing for high-end or luxury vape kits and read a few review of e juices. You do have to do your research though. You can pick up kits for as low as $10 from your supermarket aisle but this is not what you want. Choose a kit that offers moderate strength liquids in a range of flavors with upgrade-able mods for the future.

You have nothing to lose, and a whole lot of style to gain.

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